Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ross Victorious

Ross Images

Ross Wrote:
The Beast Of Luck In Your Every Endeavor

April 1979

Ross Wrote:
Inside my Morris Minor looking out through Mantra - Solomon's Seal.

Ross TV

Ross Said:
M double C
O double N
E double L

Ross Calculation

Ross said:
A Mystery assuredly.
Far hence remain, O' ye profane.
While the heathen babble, the Adepts dabble.
We're the dwellers on the threshold At the instant of the magical wish
To place our living bodies In a sepulcher of light.
Behold I come quickly, Amen.

Ross Art

Ross Art

1979 Albuquerque
Ross wrote:
c/o General Delivery, Tahlequah, Okla Ancestral Home Of John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee Nation 1828 - 1866 My Great Great Great Grand Uncle. In the son there is a dragon; its tongue is hot and fierce; with summer comes its stinging darts; all nature it will pierce